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Universal SATCOM Automated Test Tool

usat hardware

Extends basic IWTS



Use additional channels for …

  • IW Terminals

  • Legacy 25 kHz Controllers

  • Legacy 25 kHz Terminals

  • Single Access (181C) Terminals



Analysis Package Provides 16 Data Sources and 16 Data Sinks

  • BER measurement

  • Latency measurement

  • Map to any TDMA slot or single access channel

  • FireBERd/Legacy Radio control kits (separately sold)


Additional Capabilities

  • Data Recording
    • Baseband (digital data)
    • I and Q (digital RF)
  • Error Injection
  • Scripting (automated testing of MIL-STD “shalls”)
  • Power Measurement
  • Phase Noise Measurement
  • Frequency Stability Measurement
  • SNR Measurement